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What matters in the IELTS exam? 

What matters in the IELTS exam? 

Those who have taken the IELTS exam can tell you what matters in the IELTS exam. But it is important that they have great skills to observe something correctly. On the YouTube channels, you will come across some of the best channels that focus on the wonderful tips to ace the IELTS exam. They carefully analyze the top requirements to ace the IELTS exam and then, shed light on them through their YouTube videos to help the students. 

The positive impact that you will receive on your IELTS exam prep after the application of these tips will be immense. To ace the exam, you must have the knowledge of the things that matter in the exam. The IELTS exam structure is designed to assess your English proficiency in the real world and the question that you will see will relate to the real academic world. So, the foremost requirement is to learn the language from a real-world perspective. 

The IELTS exam or The International English Language Testing System as its name suggests an international test is conducted under the supervision of highly-trained experts. So, they can quickly assess your English proficiency with smart tips. For this, we will tell you a few very important things that you have to bear in mind to help them check your English proficiency level.

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The key points that matter in the IELTS exam:

Read the following factors that are going to play a very vital role in making you grab an incredible IELTS band score. 

A good English vocabulary 

Using an excellent English vocabulary is proof of excellent English proficiency. You have to use English vocabulary words to keep the message precise and accurate. Also, you need a good vocabulary to avoid repetition in your answers. Using a main word over and over again will leave a bad impression. Hence, if possible then, try to avoid the repetition of the words with the help of the best synonyms. 

The proper format

Using a perfect format in the writing section is also going to matter. Make sure that the format that you are going to use in the answer is perfect and helps you illustrate your answer accurately and clearly. 

There are a few rules of a perfect format such as:

  • A different paragraph for a different idea 
  • Avoiding the excessive use of bullets and numbering 


Fluency is one of the key factors that will get you an incredible speaking score. You must have expertise in identifying the opportunity where you can demonstrate your fluency to the examiner. Also, pay attention to the accuracy of your answers as well. 


Let us tell you that English grammar also matters. Many students often compromise on English accuracy when they focus on fluency. Understand that the examiner is an expert at pointing out the mistakes in answers given with a great level of fluency. 


The pronunciation of the words is also one of the key factors that will help you achieve an incredible listening score. If you don’t have a profound acquaintance with the pronunciation of the words, it is very strenuous for you to understand the recordings. 

Whenever you learn the meanings of the words, take a glance at the pronunciation of the words as well. 

Charts, graphs, and labels 

Make sure to gain expertise in understanding the graphs, charts, and labels. You can see them in the IELTS writing and reading section. Practice solving them with the help of the IELTS sample papers. 

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Last but not least, the IELTS sample papers are also a key source that will level up your performance. They are the perfect source to anticipate everything that you can expect in your upcoming exam. Also, a regular practice of these papers will help you manage your time excellently.